Human Geography of Hainan: Joking on typhoons, Hainan people's fun

Typhoons usually attack Hainan in the summer.

Hainan people seem to feel ambivalent about Typhoons. On one hand, they appreciate the coolness and rain brought by typhoons. On the other hand, they are afraid that their fruits of hard work are destroyed by the fierce typhoons. Hainan people tend to just let it be after experiencing kinds of typhoons, even to tease the typhoon, for example, “the coming typhoon is to Hainan people as the lover is to the waiting maid, expecting his coming while afraid his misbehavior.

In terms of temperature and precipitation, Hainan and Yunnan are quite different, and so are their cultural conditions.

In Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, even the news about crops suffering from frost is still worth talking about. In Yunnan, it is better to live in Kunming if you want to live in a slightly warm place. Also, Mengzi in Honghe County is a typical place with warm and comfortable climate. If you think it is too warm, you can take a bus for 20-30 minutes to Gejiu, where the temperature is usually 2-3 degrees lower than in Mengzi. Yunnan people who work in other provinces always feel extremely uncomfortable in summer, and that is why some people would rather be poor than leave Yunnan.

Sometimes Hainan is suffered from typhoons or floods, the damage could be up to thousands or millions of yuan overnight, but Hainan people face it very calmly.

Typhoons usually bring abundant rain. Many provinces all over the country, such as Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc., often attacked by typhoons seem to have a good reputation, or basically boast the smooth economic development. Taking Hainan as an example, cities and counties such as Sanya, Lingshui, Wanning, Qionghai, Wenchang and Haikou usually are suffered from typhoons, though, these places have developed water systems, such as Sanya River, Wanquan River, Taiyang River, Wenchang River and Nandu River, which are convenient for transportation, favorable for farming, beautiful for the scenery and abundant with aquatic products.

Haikou Century Bridge in the typhoon.

Integration of the exceptional advantages and extreme disadvantages

However, typhoons, after all, integrate the exceptional advantages and extreme disadvantages.

I ever watched in a video that a bankrupt multimillionaire sung the song "Start All Over Again" heartily on a reality show named "China's Got Talent" ... That man once was extremely rich and became one of the earliest owners of Lincoln-branded cars. However, due to the rapid expansion of the enterprise and some other reasons, he later went bankrupt in debt of tens of millions yuan. And now he is just the boss of a Baozi (steamed stuffed bun) store in Anhui province. His ups and downs are unforgettable to him individually. However, in Hainan, there is a sea of such rise-and-fall figures.

No matter how many times an individual falls down, it is not difficult to "start all over again". But it is not so easy for a group to "start all over again" after a severe disaster. Here, let's talk about Hainan and Hainan people who have experienced the severe typhoon disaster. Although typhoon "Rammasun" once hit Hainan heavily, which is just like a passing cloud now, all the traces left at that time are still vivid in Hainan people’s memory, such as the shaky signboards on the top of buildings and the scarred walls outside many skyscrapers. And what impressed Hainan people most was that the typhoon blew away many pieces of glass from hotel walls, punching several window-shaped holes on the department store building, and even the walls of some high-rise fell off in rows ... It is said that living in Hainan is usually in a relative low cost, but every time typhoon strikes, many enterprises, growers and breeders suffer from unexpected losses. A real estate boss once said that a crane was blown down by a typhoon in his building and injured some people, causing him at least millions of loss.

Natural disasters attack Hainan sometimes just as ruthlessly as heavy objects hit glass. However, after wiping away tears, Hainan people always keep the faith in their minds : start all over again!

The unexpected or timely strikes to Hainan have cultivated Hainan people's resilience to the vicissitudes of life. But they also sigh about the uncertainty of fate. Sometimes they think that it is unnecessary to take certain things extremely seriously and sometimes they simply ignore the process, only focusing on the results; sometimes they question the meaning of endeavor and even think that it is much easier to take their chances...

Hainan people feel ambivalent about typhoons. Typhoons are too numerous to prevent there. Thus, when they occur, houses collapse, trees are broken in the middle, streets are flooded, bananas and vegetables are often completely damaged, and prices of many things are raised by this excuse. However, if there is no typhoon all year around, Hainan people would not get used to it.

Fishermen living along the coast never forget to pray for the safety of those who sail in the sea, nor forget to pray for a great harvest. Hainan people know clearly that people are much smaller and weaker than the sea and typhoons. As long as people obey and revere the nature, they will have a rich harvest of crops or fish products.

It is not too much to say that Hainan is endowed with unique advantages, such as the rain water. The great thirst for rain water in the deserts in the northwest of China is beyond the imagination of islanders, which can not be seen in Hainan island. Even if the annoying typhoons often have both advantages and disadvantages, islanders can encounter several typhoons a year. In Hainan Island, if there is no typhoon in a year, the storage of water in reservoirs may become a problem.

The ridicule after typhoons strike

People who have lived in Hainan for a long time usually think that there is little extreme weather here. Is that true? Hainan is rarely "as hot as hell” or “as cold as hell". However, when a typhoon attacks, the weather will be extreme at some time.

In 1973, Qionghai people experienced a severe typhoon that even killed many people. In recent years, the greatest impression of typhoons in Hainan people’s memory is probably the typhoon "Rammasun" on July 18, 2016. After "Rammasun", the beautiful Hainan Island was devastated, and it took a long time for Hainan people to recover.

Hainan people expect the typhoons which bring more advantages instead of harm. And they prefer those that just pass by, which bring abundant rain but do little harm to crops. Islanders here are instinctively humorous and optimistic. After experiencing many natural disasters, they become more unfettered, tenacious, open-minded, and even dare to ridicule disasters.

Hainan people who once experienced some severe typhoons like to ridicule typhoons. For example, when it comes to several typhoons in 2016, they can make some witty remarks, such as "It was just a gentle breeze that messed up my hair."

"Rammasun" is a male name, while "Sarika" is a female name. Although the wind scale of "Sarika" is only 14, but its power is no less than 17. These two typhoons prove that when women get angry, they tend to yield the more fierce and lasting effect.

After "Sarika" left, another typhoon named "Haima" closely followed. Hainan people teased that the typhoon “Haima” seemed like a lover of "Sarika".

The trees alonng the streets were blowed down by the Typhoon "Rammasun".

Typhoon "Rammasun" did great harm to Hainan Island. However, when the wind and the rain were being fierce, there were still some comic episodes "To Typhoon" that warmed people's hearts. For example, "just because we are from Hainan, the leisure in our daily life has created our optimistic spirit. So we has not been knocked down by the typhoon, it is just the gentle breeze that messed up our hair." People here have no resentment or oppressive sadness. Instead, they describe the horror of that strong typhoon in a bland tone and keep optimistic after the disaster. Although suffered from the fierce disaster, Hainan people would still say, "I remove this tree in front of the door, and then I will go to drink the daddy tea."

Responsible editor: 陈书敏
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